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5 Worst Family Vacation Destinations

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When you sit with your family to decide over a vacation, you better choose the best. While there could be financial constraints and accessibility problems, you can till stay away from family destinations that are touted to be the worst of their kind. A long holiday would mean a lot of travelling and you would fancy some really breathtaking spots in this world. A family vacation is supposed to have all the ingredients of fun, frolic, peace and happiness. A bad destination could be tragic. A list of 5 worst family destinations given here can help you a bit.


Norway is a scenic and vast country famous for the phenomenon called “Aurora Borealis”, also called “Northern Lights”. The main drawback of this destination is its expensive nature. A family destination cannot afford to be prodigal. However affluent the family is, expense is always a telling factor on a vacation. To pay through the nose for basic items like drinks and food is not going to be easy. For any family with a light pocket, Norway is not an ideal holiday. It is in such destinations no matter how much you plan your finances, you always end up falling short. This holds true even for a financially sound family. Every family would like to shop around take back things to remember. Norway in many ways does not give this privilege to families.


It provides a wide range of cultural attractions and is a world class destination. But why does it feature in the list of worst family destinations? The reason is its overpriced nature. Israel does not offer anything more than the other Middle Eastern countries. Considering how cheap Jordan and Egypt are, Israel is certainly overpriced. An ideal family destination is one where there are a lot to see and savor. But it is also expected to be worth the money being spent. Israel is a big letdown in that aspect. No family is happy to be spending money for something that is mundane or ordinary. It can be very disappointing to travel all the way to the destination to only see something that is not worth it.


This destination in Central America features in this list of worst destinations despite its sensational landscapes and wonderful wildlife. A well-planned family holiday is expected to have no discrepancies. But there are always factors that are not in our hands such as natural calamities and pollution. Any family visiting Nicaragua, do not miss the Lake Nicaragua which is about 35 miles southeast of the capital Managua. The water here is brown, dirty and polluted. The rubbish and wastes roll in with the waves and it is dangerous to swim here. Also, this place carries a lot of diseases around and so is it not suitable for a family vacation. The last thing you would want on a trip is diseases and medicines.

South Korea

Seoul, in particular, is an extremely busy city. While South Korea is known for its historical sites, culture, temples, ancient relics and mind-blowing tombs, this country is always crowded. Any family would prefer a good, peaceful holiday. You cannot buy that in South Korea. Accommodation also gets expensive during the peak season and transportation can be annoying. The crowd is everywhere on the streets hardly allowing any breathing space. Planning sightseeing and shopping, hence, becomes increasingly hard and no family would like to return back home with empty bags.

Indonesia [but now, you must agree, this is one of most beautiful paradise!]

([I'm not agree with this rank. Because Indonesia Is the best destination in this world. Like another tropical country, humidity level is so high.  But, just look around, so many beautiful beach like a paradise. Bali, just an example!  Indonesia is a country with many islands. If you come to the country in a right time of the year, you will find yourself in Paradise. Just make sure you contact your travel agents to find out the best time to come. And also, not all family had their worst time in there.]

Though touted to be one of the most beautiful places around the world; it has its share on the drawbacks. Official or personal trips are totally a different ball game and could be made without a fuss. But when it comes to a family holiday, there is s lot to be considered before embarking to Indonesia. Indonesia boasts of a galore of volcanoes and mountains. But it is the stifling heat that will deter even the most seasoned travelers. The humidity levels in the afternoons reach a level that can hardly be overcome. No family would wish to go to a destination that has the sun beating down and earthquake threats throughout the year. To live on a wing and a prayer at a holiday destination is the worst possible circumstance you can find yourself in.

You know the beautiful dangerous?  It Is Indonesia!

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5 Worst Family Vacation Destinations: israel-nature-travel

5 Worst Family Vacation Destinations: seoul-cheonggyecheon

5 Worst Family Vacation Destinations: MC3_6201 – Nicaragua – Managua – Puerto Salvador Allende – Lago

5 Worst Family Vacation Destinations: MC3_6201 – Nicaragua – Managua – Puerto Salvador Allende – Lago

5 Worst Family Vacation Destinations: indonesia-family

5 Worst Family Vacation Destinations: indonesia-family

5 Worst Family Vacation Destinations: seoul-cheonggyecheon

5 Worst Family Vacation Destinations: israel-nature-travel

5 Worst Family Vacation Destinations: Norway_travel_AuroraBorealis

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  • Tony

    Lake Nicaragua is an amazing place to take a boat ride, hundreds of islands there, many inhabited too.

  • depilacja

    I was wondering if I could use this information in my website. I will provide a link to your blog, may I?

  • Nelly Stangel

    hey I like your post. Im looking to book a different kind of vacation. I will check back soon to search the rest of your blog. thanks

  • arie

    Indonesia is a country with many islands. If you come to the country in a right time of the year, you will find yourself in Paradise. Just make sure you contact your travel agents to find out the best time to come. And also, not all family had their worst time in there. What is your statistics?

  • Zack Welsh

    Indonesia is beautiful. I’ve been there with my kids and it was one of the most amazing vacation we’ve ever been to.

  • seagate

    hahaha..we have air conditioned room here in tropical region, the same reason you guys in sub tropical region have’s 21 century man..silly categories :D

  • ady

    did u ever go to indonesia??? u should try to go indonesia, and then u can write about indonesia. Thnx.

  • vincent

    south korea is NOT a crowded place. maybe seoul and other major cities are, but the rural areas are not.

  • Netty Budiman

    hey,I live in Indonesia..& Ive been diving n snorkling around d islands of Indonesia when eartquake hapend sumwhere else..hehee…add me on facebook,n U will C how beautifull pictures I had..all about Indonesia landscape…hey Zack…when will U come n visiting Indonesia for more..:))

    Im trying to find U on facebook..add me please…thenkyu..

  • rino mubin

    its not an irrasional reason to say that indonesia the worst place as family destination holiday… fact indonesia is beatiful country with thousand island and many ethnic,just come and see the green land with the blue sky, feel the warm(not heat)of indonesia

  • jklmn

    Man, Indonesian people are defensive, aren’t they? Quickest to cast stones though.

  • electric jazz guitar

    Indonesia is paradise island, there is a bali, sumatra, and other island that have a good landscape. indonesia is consist with thousand island. just come and see a litle piece from heaven

  • ahmad

    obviously the writer has never been to Indonesia. LOL

  • Jino Jiwan

    Oh…my god you’re so wrong. Did you know how big is Indonesia? Here in Indonesia we got so many beautiful places to visit.

  • pulpy orange

    “But it is the stifling heat that will deter even the most seasoned travelers. The humidity levels in the afternoons reach a level that can hardly be overcome. No family would wish to go to a destination that has the sun beating down and earthquake threats throughout the year.”

    Well, what do u expect from a tropical country which lies on equator? Of course you’ll get lots of sun in Indonesia.

    And speaking of earthquake, Japan has always been known from having more frequent earthquakes comparing to Indonesia. Yet it’s not in the list.

    Honestly I found the reasoning for not going to Indonesia, just because the earthquake and sun, is totally weak. Natural disasters can happen in every part of the world, it’s non-avoidable.

    You’re gonna miss a lot…like A LOT…if you’re not going to Indonesia. The country offers too many stuff for u to be missed, from its wonderful natural beauty to its amazing diversity of culture and food, where natural disasters and too much sun just sound lame of excuse.

  • dinda

    you can’t say such things about Indonesia if you only ever visited Borobudur, *dooh*

  • hadi

    oh please.. DO NOT joking in here. you dont know how it feeling in Indonesia! even indonesia better than US,did US have a many island there? well i think no but indonesia have a thousand island there. so think twice before you write something about Indoesia. thank you :)

  • jay

    hey you know BALI ISLAND,?

    yup, that is in INDONESIA

  • Ndeso Kluthuk

    Matamu….melek disik nek ngomong Indonesia elek….di adu karo negoromu,…apik-apikan….

    Indonesia is Better than your opinion,..just try it .

    sekali Lagi,…Ndasmu..!!

  • amelia L

    i’m indonesian,,
    and i’m totally disagree with your arguments,,
    it’s not because i’m indonesian, but some places in Indonesia have a good view !!
    how can u say like that??
    especially, u put Borobudur temple to be one of the worst place to go….
    do u ever visit it by yourself??
    i’ve been there and yeah it’s hot enough but it’s worth with experience and impression that u’ll get!
    the statues, the histories, the relieves, it was so beautiful !
    u have to experience it by yourself if you want to know more !
    indonesia is in equator, what would u expect??
    i suggest ,
    please complete your arguments with some proves and statistic,,


  • saber

    i think weather in Indonesia is common. that’s not like in Egypt…
    hummm.. i’m a bit offended with ure arguments..
    maybe, u MUST come to Indonesia .
    u must never visit Indonesia, mustn’t u?
    how poor u are !!
    u’ll be sorry…

  • Diana Welzh

    Hey you talk a lot about Indonesia. And that sucks you know. I’ve been there so I know Indonesia’s beautiful. Earthquake and volcanoes? that’s not the reason for not going there. America has its storm, Japan with its earthquake, Canada with its freezing-winter-air. And you didn’t even put one of them on your list.

    And “heat that will deter even the most seasoned travelers”? C’mon, you made it sounds too bad. That’s way too extreme. It’s not that HEATED, it’s WARM. Make sure your teacher taught you the differences between HEATED and WARM.

    Honestly, this is the worst travel-suggestion I’ve ever read. For a second I thought this “help” you offered (you called it so) was created by a 3-years old kid.

  • Martha’s Vineyard vacation

    So these are great places to avoid for family vacations, Martha’s Vineyard in the US is a great place to visit for a family vacation. Lots of beautiful beaches, restaurants, cute shops, ice cream…great family fun.

  • Bojan

    This site is really suck!!
    Visit Indonesia, then talk about Indonesia!!

  • ramos

    yo man try to go to indonesia and you will know how beatiful and peaceful that place

  • alena

    I’m american and i have visited Indonesia months ago, and i think that the tourism there is one of the best holiday destinations in the world. tropical climate, beaches, culture, food….amazing…!!! and Indonesian people is very kind :-)
    please visit Indonesia before you talk :-)

  • Gede Rana

    i’m sorry if i’m wrong…..i just wanna ask to the moderator : “what the best family vacation? and how do your assessment so you can say “Indonesia is 2nd place of the worst family vacation”?”

  • indonesialove1

    try you search google “Pantai Derawan, “Pantai Parang Tritis”, “Gunung Bromo”, “Danau Toba”, “Pantai KUTA”, “Pantai Losari” and much more about indonesia”

  • lee kim

    indonesia have many beautiful places. I’ve been there so many time. I’ve visit bali , lombok, kalimantan and more, you’ll know how great is it if you’ve been there. my friend and I went there 3 days ago and it was fantastic! we’ll visit there again :D

  • be sampi

    maaan, this site only look from the negatif side… open ya eyes man

  • alan gorrell

    Some of these places are great locations with plenty to see and do. Maybe not the best choices with children, all they want is a park and a beach. Along with the parents full attention. Maybe a all out beach holiday is the only thing, not everbodies cup of tea. But good for the kids!

  • erica

    um yea Lake Nicaragua is gross… but the rest of Nicaragua is AWESOME.

    There are lots of beach towns along the pacific coast. Pochomil is great, can’t speak for the others.

    Managua is massive and confusing and has polluted Lake Nicaragua – BUT THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER PLACES TO GO. My favorites were Leon and Matagalpa. (Matagalpa is GORGEOUS)

    epic fail on you for putting Nica on this list. There’s hiking, beaches, culture, everything… and it’s the safest country in Central America. and it’s super cheap.

  • Alfian

    Hello, I am from Indonesia. Have you ever been to Indonesia? Indonesia is a great place to visit, why would you write Indonesia is one of the ugly? You better come to Indonesia and see what you write is true or not. thank you

  • god

    i like indonesia

  • FarZ

    What sources do you use as your article?
    That’s funny, dude

  • http://- Jack Dawson

    my family and I love Indonesia, especially Senggigi…I think you should go to Indonesia someday…you’ll rewrite your article..

  • visitor007

    hey man.. pay attentions to your articles.. you were absolutely WRONG, Indonesia is a paradise.. damn you man….
    I love indonesia..

  • Raissa

    you must observe first before you made this, BTW where u from, Israel?
    we will welcome you with a smile in Indonesia…

  • Dicky Arisandi

    if you came in indonesian,call me,i will show u the amazing of INDONESIA :
    ) .

    People In INDONESIA is Very Friendly,like a song of KLa Project – Yogyakarta.try to listen this song,will gift u spritual experience :D

    we will waiting you :)

  • Djoko Sumitro

    hei dude, come on.. indonesia waiting for you.. just be here and you will see the reality.. its heaven!

  • Bonny D Juta

    ohh yeahh ?? indonesia is worst ???? go to bali .. that is indonesia.. go to papua that is the biggest gold minner in the world that is on indonesia… go to borneo kalimantan.. the center of forest and health on world that is indonesia .. so you guys can be speechless if you see and visit indonesia .. because indonesia is the real of natural paradise in the world … thats why netherland, portueguess conquer indonesia long time ago .. because to many treasure and heaven on indonesia !!

  • wiwid

    you’re one of unluckiest person who doesnt even know how beautiful Indonesia is
    there are so many great places here. you just need to come and you’ll know you’re wrong

  • Daniel Braidek

    You people are idiots read the description this guy knows how awesome Indonisia is.

  • mbahmul

    nek rung ngerti tenan e ojo ngomong le.

  • Fredrick

    Yeah right,have been and never again.The people in Indonesia in the resorts are fine because of the management,but step out side at your own will.Most officials from the airport customs,police,government officials,hospitals to any of the dodgy street vendors and restaurants are the worst I’ve ever seen and experienced.Ive been to many Asian countries on holidays,(And I’m Part Indonasian Asian) but Indonesia is the worst for corruption and untrustworthy by far.The amount of incidents are not told to the Australian public and they are kept in the dark about the truth,WHY?, because of what will happen to the tourism which Indonesia depends on from Aussie tourists.

    It’s safer to holiday in Australia than go here.I can’t understand why Indonesia is so popular?,maybe it’s so cheap for the Aussie,just remember “GOOD THINGS NO CHEAP CHEAP THINGS NO GOOD”.I was even told by some locals that they target Aussies in particular and that they are easy targets.Planting prohibited substances and eligal activities such as spiking your drinks with home made/distilled alcohol (LEATHAL ETHONOL) has and will always be a major problem.No proper safety regulations at so called tourist hot spots,the list is endless.I guess/sorry I KNOW,because it’s a known fact and told by the locals that they do anything for a quick Aussie Buck.Yes I’d agree it’s a beuatiful place and that’s it,pity about the corruption and the dirty politics.If you look Ausie and have an accent to match,then watch your back.

  • Fredrick

    I agree South Korea is a Wonderful place,I’ve been to Seoul and various other cities and islands in South Korea and it is wonderful,sure it’s a little crowded so is Indonesia 245,000.000 plus,Korea is a 1/4 of that even less but most of the majority of countries in north or south Asia are crowded.The specialized local tours are fantastic and the people are sooooo friendly,always happy to help.The local culture and history is also unique.Honesty is paramount with its deep social traditions within its cultural history.The local shopping is magnificient,you name it Korea has it,the shopping centers the best in Asia,and the worlds best International Airport 8 years in a row where you can get lost just shopping in it’s duty free zones,In fact they have a whole island for an airport that’s how big it is,the food is delicious and the variety is endless. jeju Island is my favorite by far,it’s a island south of the mainland and is stunning in every way it’s food,history,botanical gardens,I could go on for hours about it.Much better than going to Indonesia that’s for sure.At least it’s “SAFE” and zero tolerance for corruption.Shall always love my “KIMCHI”,KIM BAP,BULGOOGI,GINSENG CHICKEN SOUP,SAMGYUPSAL,SUNDUBU CHIGE,DOENJANG CHIGE,VARIOUS SANGCHAE DISHES,just to mention a few.Been over ten times and will always continue to travel to wonderful Korea.

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