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Top 20 European Halloween Destinations

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Halloween probably originated from the Celtic celebration of Summers End called “Samhain” and pronounced “Sar Ven” or “Sow Een”. The Celts believed that at Samhain the ether that separates our world from the underworld becomes thinner and that it is easier for spirits to pass between worlds, both good and evil. To ward off so called evil spirits they dressed up in scary costumes and disguised themselves with grotesque masks, to avoid being harmed.
The name Halloween supposedly originated from the Scottish “All-Hallows-Even”(Evening) meaning the night before All Hallows Day (1st November) or All Saints Day as we know it by now. So whether you are looking for a short city break or something a bit more spooky for Halloween, you should be able to find something here. There is something for everyone, even the kids!

1. Denmark :- Trivoli Gardens, Trivoli, Copenhagen

These gardens are transformed in the middle of October (Autumn Holidays) into a magical and haunting Halloween land, full of scarecrows, witches and pumpkins.

Looks Fantastic!!!

2. France :- Fete des Sorcieres (Witch Festival)

These festivals seem to go on in villages and small towns all over France,they are the more tradition way of celebrating Halloween and are linked to the Witch trials in the 16th and 17th century,where Witches were tortured and killed for practising the dark arts.
This is looks like a more educational way of enjoying Halloween.

3. France :- Disneyland, Paris

Fun and frolicking at the kids wonderland, Disneyland, Paris.
Even I would enjoy this (I’m a big kid really!!!) and of course it’ll keep the children happy for days…

4. England :- Various locations around London

If you want a night of thrills and chills look no further than London. You can visit the London Dungeons, The Tower of London, go on a Ghost Walk or just visit the Halloween themed pubs and clubs across London. Fun and frights for everyone.

5. Italy :- Capuchin Crypt, Rome

This is a crypt made up of small rooms decorated with bones and mummified bodies and located beneath the church of Santa Maria Della Concezione Dei Cappuccini. Over 4,000 bodies are supposedly stored here and they are believed to be all friars or monks…  a bit macabre I think, but worth a visit for the curious adult…

6. Romania :- Bran Castle, near Brasov

Bran Castle is a fortress which is built on the border of Wallachia and Transylvania. This castle is now a museum of the history of the local surrounding area, Queen Marie and her family. Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler) also used this castle during his raids into Transylvania.
I would personally love to visit here… even more so at Halloween!!!

7. Scotland :- Mary King’s Close, underneath the Old Town, Edinburgh

This tourist attraction re-opened in April 2003,it is renowned for its ghosts and paranormal activity. Numerous ghost hunting crews have visited and even stayed over night in these dark underground houses and street’s over the years, to try and uncover the history and grisly going’s on in this once forgotten place. Murders, plague victims and all matter of strange goings on can be found in this morbid place.
I can feel a ghost hunt adventure coming on…

8. Czech Republic :- Museum of Medieval Torture

This small but very graphic museum exhibits medieval torture device from all over Europe.
Some of these instruments of torture were also used in the famous witch trials in Europe.
I wonder how many innocent men, women and children were subjected to this horrible torture…  a real eye opener, but save it for an afternoon’s visit as we don’t want to put you off your lunch!

9. England :- Hellfire Caves, West Wycombe

Witchcraft, Black magic, Brothels, Orgies, Murder, Ghosts and a Gentlemen’s Club… There are loads of things going on in these hand carved caves and tunnels 300 feet below the earth’s surface. Built in 1752 by Sir Francis Dashwood directly under St Lawrence’s Church, he used them to hold meetings for the Hell Fire Club where they indulged in orgies and witchcraft.
Who would want to hold a children’s party here? But you can, check it out…

10. Paris :- Pere Lachaise Cemetery

The largest cemetery located in the city of Paris. It is the most famous graveyard in the whole world and the most visited, with many hundreds of thousands of tourists visiting it every year.
Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison are among some of the celebrities buried there.
Who wouldn’t want to be buried there…

11. Czech Republic :- Sedlec Ossuary, near Kutna Hora

This is a small Roman Catholic Chapel under the cemetery of All Saints Church. It is constructed from  the skeletons of between 40,000 and 70,000 people arranged to make furniture or decorations around this so called chapel.
Where did they get all these bodies from and does no one think this is a bit creepy?

12. France :- Catacombs, Paris

Located at the south gate of the city, this is where Parisians would bury their dead until Christianity became popular and they started burying their dead in consecrated ground  located in or beside churches. They had to shut this popular attraction for a long while after it was targeted by vandals and it has now been reopened.
Who would want to disrespect the dead… what idiots!

13. Germany :- Europa-park, Theme Park, Rust (near Strasburg)

Entertainment galore at this massive theme park. Halloween entertainment includes high octane dance music shows and massive Halloween parties. The theme park will also be decorated to celebrate the festival of Halloween.
Looks heaps of fun if you want the more commercialised Halloween experience.

14. Ireland :-Ballygally Castle, Co Antrim

One of the most famous haunted places in Ireland. This castle has it’s own haunted room,the ghost of Lady Isabella Shaw resides there. She took her own life after she gave birth to a girl and not a boy. She wanders the corridors at night knocking on guest’s doors and there is also ghostly children crying heard too.
Very chilling, I’ve got goose pimples!!

15. Norway :- Hell, Lanke, Stjordal

Hell is a small village in Norway, which is a minor tourist attraction due to its name. The name comes from the old Norse word Hellir which means “overhang” or “cliff cave”
Tourist’s come to get photos taken in front of the signs there or to buy picture postcards of the frosty village to send home, making a visual joke of “Hell frozen over”
Well a great talking point when you get back…  you can tell everyone you know that you’ve been to hell and back!!

16. England :- Alton Towers, Staffordshire

Massive theme park with water park, hotel, thrill seeking rides and plenty to amuse even the fussiest kids. If you are visiting for a few days  there is also plenty to see and do in the surrounding area.
Alton Towers is holding its annual Scarefest from the 16th to the 31st October.
I loved my visit to Alton Towers so much, loved the rides even though I had to go on most of them by myself…  think it’ll be even better at Halloween!

17. Scotland :- Glamis Castle, Angus

Glamis castle in Scotland hosts a Halloween event every year which is suitable for families, with ghostly tales, myths and mysteries all recreated by profession storytellers. They will also give you access to places the public would normally never see. The restaurant is also open for devilishly good food too.
Sounds like a good place for a fun night out on Halloween…  maybe next year then?

18. Belgium :- Ostend, Belgium

The traditional way to celebrate Halloween in Belgium is to light candles in memory of their dead loved ones. But travel to Ostend city if you like a Halloween carnival sort of atmosphere with giant spiders, ghosts, pumpkins and vampires. The local retailers dress their shop windows in Halloween themed gifts and treats, all their cakes and chocolates are made specially to fit in with this spooky time of year. Fairground rides and attractions are there for the kids and most people dress up in ghoulish costumes too, to really get in the Halloween mood.
Liked the look of the fairground and the giant burning spider webs… looks great fun for all the family

19. England :- York, Various sites around York

Lots of things to see and do all around York, Ghost walks, visit haunted castles and other buildings, there is even Halloween festival at York Maze, with a haunted hayride, children can pick out pumpkins to carve, witch’s grotto, ghost stories and a haunted house to visit. But by night this place turns into a eerie and frightening place to visit for adults, with costumed characters roaming the maze itching to give you a fright.
Nothing like a good fright or two to get your heart racing…

20. England :- Thorpe Park, Chertsey, Surrey

Thorpe Park run their fright nights on various dates all through October when the park and the rides are open till 10pm.This is whole different experience  as the rides become alive and even more chilling after dark, with live action mazes and even a new Terror zone for 2010.
This is the place for all you big kids, with all the fun of amazing rides but with even more thrills and chills…
Well lots of ideas for Halloween, so put on a costume, paint your face or wear a mask and get out there and enjoy yourselves…

Guest Blogger Demon Chick loves visiting creepy places in and around Paris. She normally travels there via the Ferry to France and would never dream of travelling anywhere in Europe without her European Breakdown Cover, just in case her beloved car lets her down while she is away.

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