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And one more news about the architecture and New York. Evan Joseph (Evan Joseph) – an architectural photographer specializing in luxury projects, rose to extraordinary heights to photograph the beauty of the night in New York. How did he do it? Evan just hanging from a helicopter, using a homemade device stabilize the camera.

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Picture Gallery of New York At Night

Checkout the New York At Night Picture gallery in high resolution, by hitting on the thumbnails below. There are 18 picture of this Awesome New York At Night, make certain to not miss a thing.

New York At Night: Fifth Avenue Residence, View of Central Park

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-15

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-14

New York At Night: New York City: The Varrazano Narrows Bridge at sunset from a helicopter

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-1

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-4

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-2

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-9

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-12

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-13

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-18

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-5

New York At Night: New York City from the air

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-7

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-6

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-3

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-8

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-16

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  • SmashingShowcase

    Great collection i’d love to watch more photography like this amazing…

  • John Abraham

    Very Nice Night View! Good Post!! Thanks for Sharing with Us!!!

  • http://no Bosoncea constantin florin

    to send m more foto please I like to see more thanks very much god bless you all.

  • Kamila

    Wow! So great! (: NYC is my bigest dream ! (:

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