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And one more news about the architecture and New York. Evan Joseph (Evan Joseph) – an architectural photographer specializing in luxury projects, rose to extraordinary heights to photograph the beauty of the night in New York. How did he do it? Evan just hanging from a helicopter, using a homemade device stabilize the camera.

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Photo Gallery of New York At Night

Checkout the New York At Night Photo gallery in high-res, by hitting on the thumbnails below. There are 18 photo of this Appealing New York At Night, assure yourself to not miss a thing.

New York At Night: Fifth Avenue Residence, View of Central Park

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-14

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-1

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-4

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-8

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-7

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-18

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-15

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-13

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-9

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-2

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-5

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-16

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-6

New York At Night: New York City: The Varrazano Narrows Bridge at sunset from a helicopter

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-3

New York At Night: New York City from the air

New York At Night: new-york-night-Evan-Joseph-12

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  • SmashingShowcase

    Great collection i’d love to watch more photography like this amazing…

  • John Abraham

    Very Nice Night View! Good Post!! Thanks for Sharing with Us!!!

  • http://no Bosoncea constantin florin

    to send m more foto please I like to see more thanks very much god bless you all.

  • Kamila

    Wow! So great! (: NYC is my bigest dream ! (:

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